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What is the story behind Azure Waves Branding name?

Azure Waves Branding

After providing services by helping clients with their branding or rebranding needs, I felt it was time to rebrand our business, AP Grafik Studio (in business 16.8 years), with a new, refreshing name and website.

Because we provide services globally, I came up with the tagline first, “Coast to Coast Branding,” before deciding on business name. I had several names in mind and even registered® ️ one of those names (Lighthouse Branding), designed the brand identity, and started to develop the website. But in the end, Lighthouse didn’t feel like the right match for us.

I asked to receive spiritual guidance and one day, while driving in Palm Beach, Florida - I noticed astonishing azure-colored waves in the Atlantic Ocean. I felt an immediate strong connection …

… I stopped my car on the side of the road and walked toward the beach to take a few pictures. Time stood still as I witnessed the indescribably beautiful waves. I focused my vision on the small emerging waves at a distance, and as they got closer, some got bigger and stood out from the others. I envisioned each of the small waves as an emerging business - that needed a lift to uniquely stand out from among the others.

My vision got clearer with each moment: those beautiful azure-colored waves are our clients, aka brands, who need our (the "wavemakers") support and services to stand out from the competitors in their industry.

This is how Azure Waves Branding emerged - like a wave from the ocean.


We absolutely love stories of different brands and are passionate about creating customized visuals that bring brands to life and present their stories.

Every brand has a story - let us hear your story by saying hello!

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